About Krendal

Krendal is the king of the Grielach elves, a race of elves created at the request of Corellon Larethian and at the hands of the one the Grielach refer to as The Elder.

He is on the path to becoming a power, when he attains his goal his profile of power will be one of protection as well as guardians. These two things, both the protection of others and being guardians are at the core of all Grielach, and even those who are estranged from the rest of the kingdom tend of find themselves falling into that roll without realizing it.

To Krendal there is no greater accomplishment than to protect those that can not protect themselves and to show them how to fight and protect themselves from that which would do them harm. He holds those who embody this idea in the highest regard, whether a court mage who looks out for the good of the empire that he serves and the people that make it up, or the weathered adventurer or warrior protecting their home and their families.

Krendal’s symbol is that of a blazing golden sun upon a shield, this is also the symbol of the North / South Trading company; at the time of this writing the largest known in the East lands.

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