Chosen Krendal Has Met

This list may overlap with others, these are specifically chosen and their home worlds.

Toram – Third Chosen of Tempus
Ulfar – Chosen of Odin, resides in Quarok
Islande – Fourth Chosen of Corellon, homeworld unknown
Pernius – Chosen of Tyr, Resides in Trademeet on Kirinith.
Wilston – Chosen of Hecith, Homeworld unknown.
Erik – Chosen of Tyr, Presently on Chilac’s world helping an ancient order of followers of Tyr.
Amon – Former Chosen of Grumpsh, turned his back on Grumpsh and has earned the trust of both Krendal and Corellon as well as The Elder. Likely he’ll become a follower and possibly a Chosen of Morbius.

Even though he doesn’t know it yet, Tacik will one day become a Chosen of Hecith.

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  1. […] His name is Toram and he already has aided Krendal in a battle against a legendary creature. He and his army will be called upon again before Krendal’s rise to godhood has been completed. […]

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