Chilac’s World

So far there have been three elemental portals opened.

1 Portal to Elemental Plane of Earth
1 Portal to Elemental Plane of Magma
1 Portal to Elemental Plane of Water

The Mage helping with this process is named Niles and he is found by way of the outlands.

The Temple to Mystra has been reactivated but has been abandoned for fear of an attack by Chilac. ???????

Kesha is the name of Mystra’s priestess (chosen? ??? ??? ????????? ) on that world.

Krendal has agreed to provide aid when it comes time to retake that temple as his assistance will be required.

Krendal has brought eight Grielach women to the “temple” of Corellon on that world. The temple is an eight or nine square mile forest which falls under the protection of Corellon. ????? ???? ???????? There the women will ingest seeds that cause them to give birth to Grielach children, these Grielach will be special as they will be touched by Corellon in some way and will grow and stand ready to fight

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