Actions and effects taken so far on Chilac’s world.

Reactivated three elemental portals:

Earth, Magma and Water.

Reactivated and raised Temple to Mystra.
Brought a Chosen of Tyr to the world.

By virtue of a mistake by Chilac, Kizath – a Chosen of Moradin visited the world, cleared out a keep and brought a few thousand dwarves to live there.

Krendal has brought eight Grielach women to live in a wooded area on a distant part of the world, they are being protected by Corellon until it is time for the assault against Chilac.

The Dwarves are under the protection of Kizath as well as Moradin.

Chilac angered Hecith directly by soul trapping Hecith, one of his Chosen.

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