Current To Do list.

Investigating sslave trade going on in North Einland, Krendal and Tacik are trying to avoid playing in to anyones trap by just outright killing General Grant. ???? ?????? ????????

When they finish dealing with the North and the slave trade, they will likely check out the rest of the jump points via the stones. – Put off for some time.

Once that is done, assuming nothing calls for their direct attention they will likely travel to Faerun as Krendal has been told by three people now that he should visit there. ????? ????? Tylen, Hecith and most recently Cue have told him he needs to go there. hguhf h,k ghdk Krendal expects that since Cue has mentioned he needs to go there that there will be something he needs to be involved with waiting for him somewhere on the world. – Faerun will not be visited until Tacik is able to leave the library once again.

Note: Italics indicates completed item — Completed deeds will eventually be moved to their own section.

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