Krendal’s Followers

Mosh: Orc – 1st direct follower
Welsh: First Grielach follower – resides in Lyeska
Talia: 1st follower on Chilac’s world – Prensently resides with the rest of the followers of Tyr with the Dwarves.
Christopher – 12 Level Ranger – First Chosen of Krendal – Soon to be a 12th Level Ranger / 1st Level Priest. ????? ??? ???????

Beregoth – 45th level Fighter – Second Chosen of Krendal. ???? ?????? 2023 He did something that not a single other being in recorded history has seem to have done. He chose Krendal as his god and became one of Krendal’s chosen. 1xbet ??? Krendal’s second Chosen.

Krendal has somewhere above 5000 devoted followers.

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