Notes on Yeldlar

Yeldlar is a world completely under the influence of the god Tempus.

It is entirely peaceful and is a beautiful place, on the world Tempus has a truely massive force of followers; one of most powerful Chosen resides on the world and rules it as their King as well as their most powerful priest. ???? ???

His name is Toram and he already has aided Krendal in a battle against a legendary creature. He and his army will be called upon again before Krendal’s rise to godhood has been completed. ??? ??????? ?? ?????

For now though his army continues to train and to hone their skills, to stand ready to help Krendal or to heed to Tempus’ call.

Other people of importance that Krendal has met are as follows:

Telek, first liege of Toram and advisory head to the 4th Division Second Batallion of Tempus’ force; when Krendal and Tacik first encountered him they mistook him as being Toram as he is also of great power.

Lithander – Mage of Toram’s court. ????????? ???? ?????? ??????? 2023

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