Krendal and the Realms – First Week

So we finally got to Toril via the Planeswalker stones arriving not far outside of Myramore Keep, a place built by Hecith and his close friends during the days when they were still in the adventuring business. Upon stepping through the doorway at least I was mildly surprised to find a silver colored dragon laying not too far off from where we appeared.

Thankfully the dragon seems to be friendly; to us anyway, it asked us who we were and what we were doing there. I gave my name and before I could explain the dragon told us that Hecith had said we would be showing up sometime soon and directed told us which direction Myramore Keep was. We thanked the dragon and went on our way and got to the keep proper a short time later.

As we were walking through the town surrounding the keep, a follower of Hecith’s fell into step with us, when we asked what she was doing, we were informed that not just anyone was allowed up by the main portion of the keep and that she was there to tell the guards to let us in. ???? ??????? That this went on was probably a good thing as the guards were followers of Drac and likely would not have listened to a word either Tacik or I told them. ?????? Even with her insistance that we were to be let in to the grounds they still grumbled, though considering the couple brief times I’ve encountered Drac this wasn’t too surprising he seems like a bit of a grouch.

Anyway, so we looked around a bit, apparently the tower there was once Hecith’s, the temple there is resided over by his dwarven friend Kizath. Kizath it seems was away on some other pressing business either for his own god or on behalf of Hecith.

However the highlight of visiting this place was definitely walking into the Tavern where I have sat and talked to Hecith so many times…. or at the very least this was the inspiration for wherever we go when we need to speak to him face to face. To be honest I really half expected to find him sitting there at his usual table in the middle of the place, however instead there were a couple adventurers having a drink.

Tacik, Hecith’s follower and I sat down at a table and before long Tacik excused himself to go upstairs with one of the women of the place. Hecith’s follower asked if I wanted to do the same and I excused myself for obvious reasons, she shrugged and went off to find some other willing person and I was left to people watch and just take the place in.

In general I got the impression that only those who were of some elevated status get to hang out in this place, everyone who was there seemed to belong, and there even seemed to be those here and there who recognized me. After an hour or so had passed I noticed a couple dwarves at the bar gesturing in my direction while speaking with a well armed fighter type. After a little more discussion he thanked them and came walking over to where I was sitting, I would soon find out that his name was … and that he was looking to hire out fighting types to join him and others to escort a very powerful artifact over a distance of a few hundred miles.

Just as we were beginning to discuss this, Tacik came back down from upstairs looking appropriately dishevled and joined in the discussion. I introduced him and he gave us some details of what was going on, he had been travelling with some fourty men transporting this artifact as it was. Apparently they had been attacked twice already by a group known as the Red Mages as this artifact was something these mages desired greatly.

He had lost a lot of his men defending this particular thing and was looking to rebolster his forces, he had been told by the dwarves he was speaking with that I was definitely someone he should speak with. I didn’t let him know much about me, certainly nothing of my divine stature, but told him that the dwarves were well informed and that Tacik and I would be happy to help him out. He then started to speak of payment though Tacik cut him off before he had said more than a couple words and pretty much told him we’d do it for the fun of it, he couldn’t offer us enough money to make it worthwhile on that merit alone. He was telling the truth, I am fairly certain that as long as both Tacik and I shall live we’ll never spend all the gold that we’ve amassed at this point.

Oh, I should add that during this exchange I was drawn away to a meeting with those in my circle, Tylen was happy to tell us that one of the opposing circle, one further up in the ranks was killed off, so just as our side had some reshuffling happen the other side is now going through the same thing. I also took this chance to let Melina know that we she might get drawn in to a battle quite suddenly so she should be prepared for it, just in case.

… looked relieved that we agreed to go along and let us know that he needed a day or two in order to hire on some more help and make preparations to leave.

So Tacik and I passed the next couple days wandering around the town, meeting people and generally watching … make preparations for everyone to leave, and then it was time to go. There were thirty of us, several followers of Drac including the one leading them named Odo. There was a mage as well as several other followers of Hecith going along; the Mage and Odo argued every day as to who got to stand on top of the wagon that we were transporting the artifact in.

We were all an additional layer of protection on top of many layers of magical protection keeping this thing safe. I never did get a specific description of what it did, just that it was extremely powerful and that the Red Mages wanted it badly. Oh and lest I forget, it couldn’t be teleported. Yeah, great.

So we were on the road for a few days and all was quiet, every one was tense as we were fully prepared to be attacked at any point by the Red Mages and finally it happened.

Well that’s not entirely accurate, one of the Red Mages, a lich of some power I believe showed up ahead of us at the crest of the road. We all stopped and … went up to speak with it. There was a few minutes of discussion and then both Tacik and I thought I heard something about the lich’s request to “speak with the god.” Tacik and I glanced at each other then saw … gesturing for us to come up.

We walked up and needless to say … was very puzzled, the lich however addressed me directly and gave me some hooey about we should hand over the artifact now, that we were out numbered, out matched and the same old shit that every enemy seems to think will scare me into surrendering. They of course know better now, of course that means next time they’ll just attack but I’m getting ahead of myself. Anyway I replied in kind telling him that it was he that was out matched and that they should give up now it would save them a lot of unnecessary loss. He made one more comment then disappeared; unfortunatly I believe I’ve made an enemy of these mages and will be dealing with them for as long as I spend time on this world.

Anyway, the lich disappeared and not a minute later someone started yelling DRAGON and sure enough there was a green dragon winging its way in our direction. Almost before I could even take a bead on it the mage follower of Hecith said that he had it and flew off to battle with it. I would have helped except that several mages appeared out of thin air as they (and I) like to do and started hurling spells. To make matters even more entertaining these demonic skeletal looking creatures popped up all over the place and in general all hell broke loose.

A pair of the mages took it upon themselves to start attacking me directly; after all if someone like me is on the battlefield it is only wise to attempt to get rid of me as fast as possible; and tried they did, a couple of their spells actually managed to affect me impressively enough. Things get a little fuzzy here, I was fighting with the mages, Tacik was fighting the creatures, then a doozy of a spell hit me and suddenly the Red mages had not one being like me to deal with but two as Melina joined the fray.

That turned the tide a bit as she promply disintegrated one and went after the other, having a quick chance to look around I saw that the dragon was no longer fighting with Hecith’s follower and was flying towards the cart ready to grab it and lift it off the ground. I almost feel bad for the dragon at this point as there is no way it could have known that a shot from my bow could do so much damage to it. When the arrow hit I thought there might be a chance I had killed it, but I only seemed to have broke its leg. The dragon managed to lift the cart off the ground anyway and began flying away with our artifact and the cart it was in.

A spider climb and a dimension door later I was standing on its back, Melina was in just behind me and before I had a chance to react I felt a hand slap me on my shoulder, suddenly I was standing in my garden back in Lyeska. One of those damn fool Red Mages seemed to think that a simple Banishment would take me out of the fight for long enough for them to win.

Now I was pissed. I dimension doored myself to the barracks and grabbed the first 10 troops that I could find, I then gated us back to just outside Myramoor keep, from there we teleported back to the battle. Melina was fighting with the Dragon, Tacik was fighting with a mage and I ordered my people to start laying down a hail of arrows on the creatures swarming over everything. They did exactly what they were trained to do, and did so excellently considering none of them had any idea what they were in for when they woke up that morning, now just as Grimshawn and Elan have all kinds of stories stemming from my exploits, these men who have fought side by side with me will have their own stories to tell, when they tell them I hope they do so with pride.

If the mages had no idea Melina was coming, they certainly had no idea I’d be back so quickly and with reinforcements.
The look on the first one who realized what was happening was priceless.

It was at this point that I knew we would keep the cart in our possession, Melina finsihed destroying the dragon and between Tacik and I we got rid of another Red mage. Those that remained disappeared, allowing us to make quick work of the remaining creatures.

All in all of the original 30 that started this part of the journey only a dozen or so were left. … came to Tacik and I and thanked us, telling us that if it were not for us, and not for my prompt return with my troops that we likely would have lost the artifact.

I kept the men with me until the journey was finished at which point we all returned to Lyeska to see what could be done for the four who had fallen in battle at my need. ??? ??????? Three of them chose to return to us, only one was lost, his duty done in a way I know many of the men would wish to find their end; fighting in a battle along side their king.

All in all Toril is going to be an interesting place to travel I suspect, I also suspect that Tacik and I will see more battles like this. The battle we fought there already contained more magic and more power than nearly anything else I’ve been involved with, I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

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