I figured it out.

I figured it out when noone else did. When Tylen who is so learned and wise didn’t, when Wiley didn’t being as shrewed and crafty as he is. ???? ??????

I did, and caused Cue to appear and tell those who remain exactly why I am in the circle with them striving to be a god. ???? ??? ????

I figured out that there is nothing that has been told to us that means we must kill each other off, by each other at least from our perspective means those in our opposing circle if you’ll call it that. Each and every one of us has a different profile of power that we wish to take up. Some of us have profiles that overlap in some small way, but in the grand scheme of things we’re not fighting over a bigger piece of the same treasure, we’re striving just to gain our own treasures.

Not too long before this I had pointed out squarely to my group that none of the rules that Cue had layed out for this entire thing to occur seemed to be very set in stone; if they were I wouldn’t be getting around them by having Tacik go off to ask for assistance from people like Lee, the consequences would be too great. It’s by that fact alone that I’ve managed to keep myself alive and moving forward down this path that Corellon and the Elder set me on so many years ago now.

I explained that to them and then the meeting was adjourned, I came to my realization about the fighting between the circles by chance through a conversation with Tacik about Phemit and some of the others as we were trying to form a strategy for something we had to do. After coming to this conclusion I decided to call a meeting and explain my thoughts.

So now we have the truth of it; the rules as they are were to confuse and cause us to bicker and fight for Cue’s amusement. In the end we have come to realize that only two real problems that we have as a group really are going to end up being Sheeza who we need to find a way to destroy as she’s always schemeing and at least for me will be Janden who despises all elves. ?? ??? ???????? ?? ???????? He’s made this point quite clearly considering he decided to send some minions to attack Botania; or at the very least it hink it was him, I will be going to investigate that shortly.

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