What we know about the Ydadro.

Not much.

They seem to want to be left out of everything going. For what reason is hard to tell.

They’re unimaginably powerful and in the other reality where Zarius won they must have been instrumental in destroying the gods there. ??? ?????? ??????? 2024 ????

At this point I know the names of two of them.

Kumo — who contains the stone that cut me off from all of my magic and prayers
C—- who is the Ydadro who Tacik Damon and I snatched out of the grasp of Zarius’ followers.

They have psionic abilities that even the young ones seem to surpass Silphso in psionic ability as the one we rescued spoike to me in my own head. A feat that not even Silphso can replicate. ??????? ?????? ????? ?????? 2022 Kendra can only do su because of our bond so to speak.

It will be interesting to see what comes of Kumo; and if the fact that my symbol seems to be a part of it (he? ????? ??? ???? she? I don’t know) will have any influence.

I hope so, the pain I went through for this all to happen was immense.

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