A new position.

My roll in the universe has changed, well perhaps changed is the wrong way to put it. ????? ???? ??????

I have always championed truth over anything else, even when it very nearly cost me my life. Apparently without realizing it I have been lining myself up to be the next Sylphso, that my ego never controlled my desires or my destiny.

So I am being placed in the position he held, without a great understanding of what he did. Eventually I understand that I will be able to not only to take place in others stories but to be able to initiate them and guide them along, almost as a direct agent of Q. ???? ????? ?????

I will find answers for those who can not find their own answers, but mostly I will stay me. I will continue to antagonize my enemies because they can do me no personal harm. ???? ??????? Which reminds me I should write about antagonizing Marvius.

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