New beginnings?

Where to begin, I guess at the beginning or the beginning of this part of the story anyway.

We have been fighting Sheeza’s efforts to gain more control over various beings as of late, and events came to a head up in Breiland when Tacik and I were checking on a tip from Sl’ol regarding some strangeness going on there.

In the end a battle with Cyric of all people ensued.

So once the battle had been completed, the city folk who were victims of the battle had their memories fixed Tacik and I sat and tried to figure out what Sheeza was actually up to.

Our concern is that while this big action was occurring something smaller and more subtle would be going on, which when it comes to Sheeza is always true, in the end I decided to go to my looking room to see if I could figure out what Sheeza might be up to.

I was in for a surprise.

The surprise was that instead of heading to my looking room I ended up a Q’s. ???? ??? ??????

I was in for another surprise.

Q was not making the usual sense that she usually does, I had gotten used to Q more or less being up front with me about what was going on and giving straight answers to the questions that I had. In some ways I suppose that was necessary to facilitate my becoming confident in my role as a shepherd.

On the other hand it caused me to forget the confusion caused by Q not making much sense if any at all.

First I was informed that Sheeza had returned because I had was bored. So the way to find the end of Sheeza or for her to go away was to not be bored anymore. This I have to take as a partial truth, I was once told that I was responsible for Zarius coming around. ??? ???? ???? ??????

In any case one of the things Q said to me was to mention 10,000 things repeatedly, which as it turns out was a reference to something in the library.

The quote is as follows:

The story that can be told is not the eternal story.
The name that can be named is not the eternal name.
The nameless is the beginning of heaven and earth.
The named is the mother of ten thousand things.

This entirely mystified me, Q gave me a little more information and the last thing she did before I left her shop which at least to my memory she has not done in a long time was to give me a black thumbtack.

Once I got to my looking room I found the black thumbtack posted into a job board on some world in some city, but I have no idea where. The next challenge will be tracking it down. ????? ????

So the game begins anew with new lessons to be learned, its heartening to know that in his time Q and Silphso had many conversations where Silphso didn’t understand what Q was saying any better than I did. That’s how an age works.

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