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Current To Do list.

Sunday, January 22nd, 2006

Investigating sslave trade going on in North Einland, Krendal and Tacik are trying to avoid playing in to anyones trap by just outright killing General Grant. ???? ?????? ????????

When they finish dealing with the North and the slave trade, they will likely check out the rest of the jump points via the stones. – Put off for some time.

Once that is done, assuming nothing calls for their direct attention they will likely travel to Faerun as Krendal has been told by three people now that he should visit there. ????? ????? Tylen, Hecith and most recently Cue have told him he needs to go there. hguhf h,k ghdk Krendal expects that since Cue has mentioned he needs to go there that there will be something he needs to be involved with waiting for him somewhere on the world. – Faerun will not be visited until Tacik is able to leave the library once again.

Note: Italics indicates completed item — Completed deeds will eventually be moved to their own section.

The Good Circle

Sunday, January 22nd, 2006

Major players in Krendal’s Circle:

1) Tylen: You already have him… he’s worshipped on several planes now and has a divine rank of 2. For all intent and purpose he is a power but his opposition is equal to him and Q decided they had to face it off since they both have common circles and for whatever other reasons he saw fit that one or both should have to prove themself worthy. ?? ????? ?????? ?????

2) Whiley Mgleezbo: Halfling rogue of great repute. Has a complete love of all things gem and jewelry and look sover rogues who covet such things. ????? ???? 2022

3) Kenworth Filnd: Once noble advisor to a popular king on Toril/Faerun, this Harper ascended with the help of Elminster after he successfully fended off a horde of demons coming through a gate. He is an enigmatic figure who appears to have not a speck of adventurer or combatent in him but is rather very refined and well dressed. He is however posessed of great skills in magic and has created many of his own spells. ????? ?????? ??? ????? ?? ?????? ????? He oversees those mages and alchemists who like to create new spells, items and potions.

4) Morbius.

5) Mogarth Gandreet: Dwarven legend of mining who is also quite a great warrior. He is followed by all miners seeking greatness in their trade and protection against the underdark creatures.

6) Chiona Serdas: Half human / half aquatic elf is followed by those seeking luck in sea travels. She was known to follow ships through perilous waters in her world and help them when trouble arrived.

7) Krendal


Melina: Profile of power is wide ranged in that’s it’s good aligned sorcerers and wizards (especially those from places where magic is looked down upon). She does however have many other powers who support the same profile so it’s hard to get alot of followers. — Dead

Derlem Mashar: Represents discipline and willpower. Mostly leads monks, psions and others who seek mental perfection. Most noted for defeating a combined army of over 10,000 men, 5000 orcs and 2000 ogres with just himself and seven disciples. it took them 14 hours. — Dead

Sebastian IV: Brutally powerful Paladin, sponsored by Odin who he once served as the fourth chosen of. — Dead, sacrificed himself to free Kendra Morbius and Dori.

Tensor: An exotic reclusive half gnome / half halfling who spent over a century developing technologies on his home plane, his inventions made the plane into a completely different place. He is the most contested of all members of the circle as many find what he does to be abhorent and his own personal power is limited however his inventions give him great weapons and defenses. Dead — Killed by Sheeza

* Note – The original #10, Yrmol Tanel was killed by his opposition and had the profile of power as beings looking to repent past mistakes.

Updated 4/17/06


Friday, January 20th, 2006

Speaking to General Grant:

Grant: “What are you some kind of priest?!”
Krendal: “No, I’m some kind of God.”


While confronting a ragged “priest” of the Dragon, with a big beast waiting to do his bidding.

Priest: “I don’t think you belong here.”
Krendal: “I don’t think it matters that you think we don’t belong here.”
Lee (speaking to Krendal): “Aren’t we the confident one when I’m standing next to you.”
Krendal (not paying attention to the priest): “If you were me you’d be behaving exactly the same way.”
Lee (In return to Krendal): “True.” *turns the beast into a rabbit. 777 Priest realizing who he’s dealing with runs with the speed of self preservation*

Chilac’s World

Tuesday, January 17th, 2006

So far there have been three elemental portals opened.

1 Portal to Elemental Plane of Earth
1 Portal to Elemental Plane of Magma
1 Portal to Elemental Plane of Water

The Mage helping with this process is named Niles and he is found by way of the outlands.

The Temple to Mystra has been reactivated but has been abandoned for fear of an attack by Chilac. ???????

Kesha is the name of Mystra’s priestess (chosen? ??? ??? ????????? ) on that world.

Krendal has agreed to provide aid when it comes time to retake that temple as his assistance will be required.

Krendal has brought eight Grielach women to the “temple” of Corellon on that world. The temple is an eight or nine square mile forest which falls under the protection of Corellon. ????? ???? ???????? There the women will ingest seeds that cause them to give birth to Grielach children, these Grielach will be special as they will be touched by Corellon in some way and will grow and stand ready to fight

Powers that are considered Allies.

Thursday, January 5th, 2006

First and foremost is Hecith, then in no particular order:

Corellon Larethian