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The Evil Circle

Sunday, January 22nd, 2006

The opposing circle to Krendal and his allies and what is presently known about them. 888casino uae

Things have changed on both sides, this is now the revised list.

8: Phemit – profile of power is discipline and power through mastery over self. ????? If you are more disciplined than your opponent he will lose to you so his followers are always seeking to prove themselves and step on weaker foes.

7: Chresten Mlagroth – Half Orc who’s profile of power is pure strength and dominance over your opponent.

6: Hezuin Lvargnen – Duerger master of deception and illusion is worshipped by duerger and some other underworldy beings.

5: Jender Zool – God of Storm Giants, defetead a Titan, became a legend and believes giants should rule their worlds.

4: Natch – Githzarie Lich from Sigil and the Astral plane. His profile of power is torture and pain… those who love to inflict it. He raises it to a fine art.

3: Sheiza – A once Druid, Sheiza was shunned by Mielikki after a critical error in judgement. ???? She became obsessed with technology and machines afterward and believes in controlling nature. She spits on all Rangers and Druids and supports all those who build urban sprawl. She is deceptive as a goddess because many good beins pray to her when looking for help with various projects and developments. She slyly encourages more and more growth but her own plans are quite evil.

2: Tormin – Human god who was shunned by Elves as a child and never forgave them. His profile of power is all who oppose elves who he seeks to genocide, one plane at a time.

1: Slol Mi’ Ranshen – The first diety Mind Flayers can call their own, he’s traveled the multiverse far and wide and is a master of shape shifting as well. He is as wiley as he is dangerous and loves to involve himself in other people’s business… to his own gain of course.


Sier – [Recently Dispatched so no longer in the circle] – was a patron of theives.

Karzetch – Demon lord of the Abyss, rose to incredible power in the Blood Wars and has many “loyal” (i.e. totally afraid of him) subjects. He seeks to defeat Demogorgon and become THE prince of the Abyss. Most recently he bitch slapped Orcus to prove his status among demons. His obsession with Demorgogon has kept him from being a real problem for the good circle. — dead

Phemit – Monk #10 on the other side, profile of power unknown. Krendal has battled him and relieved him of his posession of the Gauntlet of Hextor. Relies greatly on his high armor class at least up until the battle with Krendal where Krendal nearly killed him.

Chilac – More Power than Krendal but is #12 in his circle. His profile of power would be the domination and enslavement of others. — Dead — Killed by Sheeza

Kzaro’Ygar, is a Wizard and is Melina’s direct advesary his profile of power is wizards who are particualrly inclined toward destructive magics. — Dead

Updated – 04/17/06

What’s known about Chilac

Tuesday, January 17th, 2006

He’s Evil.

If he has to be categorized he would be the god of subverting people to his will.

He is a merging of a grielach who was tortured and corrupted and a …. ???? ?????? ?? ??????

He is very powerful when it comes to magic, it is unknown if he retains the abilities of the … ????? ??? ???? ?????

He despises the Grielach and Krendal and everything that they stand for. ????? ????????? ?? ??? ?????

Chilac’s World

Tuesday, January 17th, 2006

So far there have been three elemental portals opened.

1 Portal to Elemental Plane of Earth
1 Portal to Elemental Plane of Magma
1 Portal to Elemental Plane of Water

The Mage helping with this process is named Niles and he is found by way of the outlands.

The Temple to Mystra has been reactivated but has been abandoned for fear of an attack by Chilac. ???????

Kesha is the name of Mystra’s priestess (chosen? ??? ??? ????????? ) on that world.

Krendal has agreed to provide aid when it comes time to retake that temple as his assistance will be required.

Krendal has brought eight Grielach women to the “temple” of Corellon on that world. The temple is an eight or nine square mile forest which falls under the protection of Corellon. ????? ???? ???????? There the women will ingest seeds that cause them to give birth to Grielach children, these Grielach will be special as they will be touched by Corellon in some way and will grow and stand ready to fight

Jazhir People

Wednesday, January 4th, 2006

Aziz – Former King of the Moor’s

Murat – Part owner of North/South Trading — runs the business on behalf of Krendal and Tacik