Kirinith North Lands

January 24th, 2006

The North Lands

Kirinith – Map of The West

January 24th, 2006

The West

Krendal’s Followers

January 24th, 2006

Mosh: Orc – 1st direct follower
Welsh: First Grielach follower – resides in Lyeska
Talia: 1st follower on Chilac’s world – Prensently resides with the rest of the followers of Tyr with the Dwarves.
Christopher – 12 Level Ranger – First Chosen of Krendal – Soon to be a 12th Level Ranger / 1st Level Priest.

Beregoth – 45th level Fighter – Second Chosen of Krendal. He did something that not a single other being in recorded history has seem to have done. He chose Krendal as his god and became one of Krendal’s chosen. Krendal’s second Chosen.

Krendal has somewhere above 5000 devoted followers.

Important People on Kirinith

January 24th, 2006

Selena – Bard – Head of the Theater in Quarok
Gabriel – Selena’s brother.
Samut – Gabriel’s travelling companion.
Beret – Bard residing near the theater in Quarok, friend to Tacik and Krendal

Bjork – Assassin, knew Damon at some point during his life – was hired by Krendal to kill General Grant on the arrival of the Eindland troops.

Ahm – Court Mage to the Supreme Emperor of Einland

Kendra – Queen of the Grielach Elves
Linwe – Priest of Corellon, royal advisor
Meosh – Grielach Wizard, royal advisor
Grimshawn – Former bodyguard to Krendal
Simon – General of the Grielach forces sent on various missions as needed.
Tamlain – General of the Grielach Homeguard, oversees the protection of the king and queen, arranges their honor guards, etc.

William – King of Tradegate
Augustus – Head of the Southern Order
Lee – Head of the Mage academy
Moona – Mistress of Aunt Bev’s
Dorie – Lee’s Wife
Rachel – Boris’ ex, now working at Aunt Bev’s.
Arin – Ain’s son who has is strangely connected to Mielikki and is growing in power quickly.
Who is the Grielach teacher’s assistant? — Need to look through my notes otherwise he’ll be renamed.

Cochran – Attorney in Sigil – Krendal and Tacik have him on a considerable retainer.

Current levels – PC and NPC

January 23rd, 2006

Krendal – 15th level. 15th level fighter, 13th level effective Sorcerer casting level.
Tacik – 15th level: 14th level fighter / 1st level Legend PrC
Kendra – 15th(?) Level Psion
Grimshawn – 15th Level – 9th Level fighter / 6th level Sorcerer